Mya Lacarte Team - Best Employers in Hospitality 2012

A year as the best employers in hospitality – Mya Lacarte

Speaking to Matthew Siadatan the Owner of Mya Lacarte  we could see why people keep on visiting this long standing independent restaurant just outside the main hub of Reading restaurants.


Mya Lacarte Team - Best Employers in Hospitality 2012

Mya Lacarte Team - Best Employers in Hospitality 2012

How has the award impacted the business?

The award gave us a push to attract high-calibre chefs and front of house applications. There have been a few other independent restaurants close in the area so only 3 remain amongst within a 2 mile radius of the town. Chefs want to be part of these top 3 and our award certainly made us stand out.


Does your team see the benefit of receiving awards?

We’ve got a solid team and everyone is still with us from last year and that really helps us remain consistent in our offering. We’re at full capacity at the moment so can’t take anyone else on.


What’s been going on this year at Mya Lacarte?

We’re full every single night! Lunch trade is a little tougher due to our positioning but the evenings are consistently busy.


Has the food evolved in the past year?

With a stable team our Head Chef, Justin Le Stephany, has been able to experiment more and has changed the format of our menu to a simpler format that highly delivers in terms of quality. We’re always up against large restaurants buying the best produce as an independent have no buying power. We remain strong in our focus in getting the best for our customers at the best price to keep our fine dining affordable. (See the latest menu here).


What is your focus for the rest of 2013?

Pushing our reputation and reaching national acclaim. We have one Rosette and the team are aiming for a second and one day believe we could achieve a third.


Why should people enter the awards?

It’s an opportunity to highlight your team, business and what you do best and helps attract more visibility of the operation both in the industry and to customers.

Entry is free, you learn about your employees and could take the accolade of being the best employers in hospitality 2013 so take the next step and enter now.

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