Employee engagement: What do you need to know?

In an industry characterised by a skills shortage, an engaged workforce is invaluable.

So what is employee engagement? In a nut shell an engaged employee is one who is fully committed, enthusiastic and involved in their work. As a collective this means you have a workforce who are driving the company forward.

How do you get this? Well, we’ve done some research and these are the top five things you need to think about to get great employee engagement.

1. A clear vision: Employees want to know what the future vision for the company is. They want to know that leadership are aligned and have a clear view on where they are headed and how to get there. Even more so, they want to be taken on that journey with you and feel like they have a part to play in what that vision is.

2. Opportunity to grow: Without a clear development plan, roles can become stagnant and employees disengaged. The key employees with future potential need the room to grow and a path to do so. This will drive up your retention and attract more talent.

3. A voice that matters: It’s simple. We all want to be heard and taken seriously. Give everyone a voice and a channel to have meaningful dialogue with leadership and commit to it.

4. Confidence in leadership: This ties together point 1 and 3. Leadership should be present and engaged themselves. They should be regularly communicating with employees and keep the dialogue open. They should be inspiring confidence in employees that they know what they are doing and that they care.

5. Congratulate and celebrate: Finally, appreciation is important. Employees should be celebrated for victories, supported through tougher times and recognised for going above and beyond.

Have any of these points had a part to play in your great employee engagement programme? We want to hear about it! Enter our Caterer.com People Awards now in the Employee Engagement Programme category and get recognised as a leader in the industry.

We’re looking for entries that demonstrate a focus on understanding and successfully improving employee engagement levels, and the measurable value this has brought back to the business. Find out more and enter by emailing awards@caterer.com


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