Are the best candidates considering you as an employer? Read our Top 6 Tips on boosting your employer brand appeal

Are the best candidates considering you as an employer?

Employer brand is often considered a concept that only applies to larger companies. The truth is, every business has an employer brand. It’s who you are, what you stand for, and the kind of company you are to work for. It’s an expression of your reputation, the benefits and rewards you give your staff, the culture of your workplace. It’s what sets you apart from the competition.

Top employers of all sizes from across the hospitality industry are embracing new and innovative approaches to aid their recruitment strategies, with employer brand at the heart.

In a skills shortage, employer brand matters. What’s more, investment in it drives recruitment costs down.

Ultimately, understanding your employer brand and communicating it to your candidates and employees will pay you back in terms of attraction, recruitment and retention rates. And you don’t need a big budget to get it right.

Our recent employer event looked at the meaning of employer brand and how businesses of every size can understand and communicate theirs. Here’s what our expert panel of hospitality employers say are the Top 6 Tips on boosting your employer brand appeal:


For many companies, the biggest challenge is defining their employer brand.  What exactly does it mean? The simple way to begin the process is to remind yourself of why your business started and what it means to you. What are the values of the business? What matters? By getting back to basics you’ll start to create a point of difference that helps you stand out from the competition.  This is the basis of your employer brand and all your communications should be an expression of it.


Many employers struggle to create a genuine employer brand message that resonates with the business and its employees.  One of the best ways to tackle this is to engage your workforce in the process.  Your current employees are your best customers and your best advocates, and know better than anyone what it’s like to work for you. Canvas their views and opinions to help you create an authentic message that you can communicate out to potential employees.


Beware the pitfalls of over-thinking!  In large organisations, or companies with multiple founders or owners, visions can often be contradictory, and the obvious solution may seem to include all the various perspectives in your employer brand message.  Do this at your peril!  To keep things authentic, keep it simple.  Look for the overriding themes in the views expressed. For example, if you run a restaurant, you might focus on the ethos behind your food and the service, the values behind your offering. This is the heartbeat of your business and it’s what makes you great and will appeal to potential candidates


If you struggle to engage with potential employees, communicating your employer brand through social media channels can be an effective way to build general awareness. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can act as a support for your ongoing recruitment campaigns by giving your business a personality online.  Have fun with your content and share regularly. Focus on the things that represent your business best,including new starters, work anniversaries, celebrations; these all allow you to engage with a future candidate pool by giving them a view into your workplace. Engaging employees and candidates in a dialogue through social media also allows you to develop a talent pool of potential candidates for future roles


For some candidates, there’s disconnect between the brand they engage with as your consumer and the brand they experience through your recruitment campaigns.  Whether you are a global brand or a local business, your future employees may well be your current employees, so take time to align your consumer brand and your employer brand messaging. Make sure your communications, no matter how big or small, are recognisable as coming from the same business


Your current employees will take your employer brand message out into the market, so it’s important to look after them. Running regular employee engagement surveys will give you the chance to understand what matters to your people and where adjustments need to be made.  This process does not have to be complicated. Whilst employee engagement specialists can support larger brands in the market, smaller businesses can easily and cost effectively set up staff surveys through sites such as Survey Monkey. And when you have the results, make sure you visibly act on them. An engaged workforce can be your biggest employer brand ambassadors!


Jean-Pierre Gadsdon, Head of Recruitment, Carluccio's

Employer Brand was the topic of a recent event which brought together over 70 HR professionals and recruitment specialists with a panel including Jean-Pierre Gadsdon, Head of Recruitment for Carluccio’s, Harald Samuelsson, Senior Advisor/Commercial Director for Honest Burgers and Rachel Mellors, Managing Consultant for Cubiks UK.

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