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We welcome StartMonday as our headline sponsor.

In a competitive, skills short market, hospitality employers need a solid supply of relevant applications for their vacancies. is built for that purpose, but successful candidate delivery can mean that talent teams spend more time than they’d like reading CVs. One innovative way to lighten the load comes in the form of recruitment tech company, StartMonday.

Personality plus experience

Ray Gibson, Co-Founder and CEO of StartMonday, estimates he has read nearly half a million CVs during his 20 years in recruitment.

“I was a recruiter, a head hunter, an HR Director,” he says. “The thing I’ve learned is that CVs don’t tell you everything about a person that you’d like to know. Importantly, they don’t tell you enough about personality.”

In an industry where personality and cultural fit are essential, the StartMonday offering is highly relevant. StartMonday is a full Applicant Tracking System which encourages applicants to submit 15-second videos to support their application. are delighted to be partnering with them in delivering a great experience for hospitality employers, and is now happy to introduce them as the Headline Sponsor for our 2018 People Awards.

Not the traditional route

Through interviewing thousands of candidates in his career, Ray developed an instinct for being able to tell who would be a good job fit from first impressions. “I thought that there must be a way to get to know more about the personality of a candidate before the interview stage, but how?”

Ray asked his peers and colleagues how they approached the recruitment process. “Many people told me the same thing: Through CVs and experience, job history, education…” Ray then asked the question; “What determines whether someone will succeed?” The answer was “Communication skills and personality.”

It was a dawning moment for Ray

“I thought something needs to be done here! I’m also a musician and was making music videos at the time. We were having a lot of fun making them, but I started wondering, how can we bring that fun to recruitment?” Ray then had the idea to get candidates to make short videos of themselves for employers. “That way, employers can really see who they want to interview.”

A bundle of enthusiasm

StartMonday is a full Applicant Tracking System which encourages applicants to submit 15second videos as part of their job application. “They’re nice and short,” said Ray, “which gives you a quick impression of the person, but it’s long enough for you to get a sense of enthusiasm, personality and communication skills all in one little bundle.”

StartMonday are currently focused on supporting hospitality and retail employers, as the roles they have tend to be customer facing and they typically experience  very high employee turnover. “As an entrepreneur, you always look for a product-to-market fit, and hospitality is perfect for what we do” Ray said.

Ray Gibson explains that the StartMonday ATS is a very intuitive system with a user-friendly interface, revolving around the applicant videos; something that is unique to the company. The system also features tools which help both candidate and employer differentiate between brands, especially within larger employers like hotel management and franchise groups.

StartMonday’s ATS offers real-time recruiter-applicant chat messaging, which appears on the applicant’s mobile device, and sends email back-up. It’s a feature which helps employers respond in a more agile way and shortens the time to hire.

Ray believes that the StartMonday ATS is changing the landscape for the hospitality jobseeker. “It’s really helped good candidates get interviews faster,” he says. “It highlights good communication skills and helps fill roles where personality is critical.”

Candidate experience = customer experience

“More and more, we’re seeing employers such as hotel chains coming to us because of the candidate experience that we bring,” said Ray. “That experience translates to a great on-boarding for the candidate, and when in the role, that translates into a great experience for the guest.”

Ray is very aware of the challenges facing the hospitality industry now. “It’s a candidate driven market and there’s huge competition for talent,” he said. “That’s nothing new, but where there’s a big demand for good people, if you can make it easier, and make it more fun to apply for a role and engage the mobile generation, you’re going to get a better candidate and they’ll provide a better service.” People Awards 2018 – headline sponsors

“Because the hospitality industry is our target audience, we really wanted to be headline sponsor of this year’s People Awards, and we are so happy to be involved” says Ray. “It’s the perfect match. Our company has been growing rapdily and this is the next logical step for us, it really is the icing on the cake.”

Neil Pattison, Sales Director at commented, “ People Awards celebrate hospitality employers who go beyond the every-day in tackling their recruitment challenges, and that’s exactly what StartMonday help them do. StartMonday have a great buzz about them which we love, they’re real innovators and their product is very relevant for today’s hospitality employer. We’re delighted to have them as our headline sponsors this year.”

The closing date for this year’s People Awards is June 25th.

The awards dinner will take place on October 1st at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London.

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