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Ask any employer within the hospitality industry and they’ll all say the same: Recruiting top talent is only half the battle, keeping hold of their skills and expertise is the real trick. Of course, many factors can come into play; salary, location, a strong learning & development package, but like all of us, your people want to feel valued and the perks of the job can be just as important as any other consideration. Jumeirah Hotels not only understand this, they ensure it’s a core element of their offering. So much so that their employee benefits offering won them the Rewards & Benefits category at our People Awards 2016.

Dawn Vermeire, HR Director at Jumeirah said, “We believe that when candidates are looking for a new job, they are actually looking for a new experience. When you join a new company in a new position you instantly enter that new experience. Rewards and benefits play a huge role in this. Having attractive rewards and benefits that cater to your needs is very important for potential candidates and can often be the reason they choose one company over another.”

David Morison, Assistant Director of HR at Jumeirah agreed, “We have more and more competition now in London. A benefits package working alongside other initiatives from Jumeirah allows us to be the employer of choice for potential candidates. They also allow us to drive wellbeing in our organisations which in turn positively impacts our service profit chain.”

Like any great employer, Jumeirah genuinely wants to reward the hard work of their employees, but feels these benefits should be relevant to their work and lifestyle. Jumeirah implemented a programme via an online platform allowing employees to easily access benefits that would be useful to them. These included shopping vouchers in over 100 high street stores, cashback for car insurance, discounted cinema tickets, petrol, restaurants and childcare vouchers. In addition, Jumeirah offer all employees the opportunity to stay at their five star properties worldwide for a fraction of normal cost. A colleague recognition programme has been developed, where employees can nominate colleagues who they feel go the extra mile in providing inspiration to the team. David Morison added, “Our R&B offering also includes a wide range of social activities that help bring people together and really drives our guiding principle of people focus and collaboration.”

In order to develop this kind of offering, employee opinion is vital. “We believe it’s important to speak to our teams to establish want they want and what they value from our packages.” David Morison said, “We take feedback from our colleague consultative committee and run surveys and focus groups to ensure our offerings meet the needs of our teams.” Jumeirah also conduct competitor analysis to ensure that their offerings are at least equal to, or exceed the market.

Jumeirah’s Rewards & Benefits programme has proved extremely popular with employees. David Morison continued, “We work hard to communicate our benefits so there is an understanding of what is available, and how to access them. In our last survey, 75% ‘Strongly Agree’ or ‘Agreed’ to the question “I have a good understanding of my benefits”

On winning the 2016 People Award for Rewards & Benefits, Dawn Vermeire said, “We are so excited to have been recognised for such a prestigious award through as we work extremely hard to ensure our colleagues are engaged with the rewards and benefits available. We are very happy to be able to share this news with potential candidates looking to join Jumeirah.” David Morison concluded, “It’s been very uplifting for our teams to know that the hard work we do in sourcing, sharing, communicating and evaluating our reward and benefits offerings is valued so highly both within and outside of our organisation.”

We congratulate Jumeirah on their win in the Rewards & Benefits category at the 2016 People Awards and wish them every success for the future.