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Byron Hamburgers serve up an impressive win

Calling all hospitality employers! Entries for the 2017 People Awards close on July 3rd so don’t miss out. Start making a noise about the amazing work that you’re doing in the recruitment, development and retention of your incredible workforce.

We spoke to Louise Moneypenny from Byron Hamburgers about their well-deserved win in 2016.

“Culture is extremely important to us at Byron,” said Louise Moneypenny, Recruitment and Talent Manager at Byron. “We are a high culture business where our USP is underpinned by our people and the service they offer.”

As recruiting for personality and culture increasingly becomes the norm, it’s crucial that hospitality employers understand just what this should entail. It’s important to recognise the company culture and how talent will fit and excel within it. Top employers need to discover, identify and effectively communicate their employer brand as a reflection of their values.

Byron Hamburgers, the popular high street chain, were the proud winners of Employer Brand Campaign at the 2016 People Awards. In the past year, the company has made a concerted effort to spread their strong sense of culture right throughout the business. As a fast growing company, it was essential to Byron that they didn’t dilute their cultural intensity by bringing on board people who didn’t 100% buy into their ethos. “The first thing we did was listen,” Louise recalls. “Our People Director conducted focus groups across all levels of the business to really understand what our culture is. It became clear very quickly that it is our culture that makes Byron special and we wanted to share this externally through our employer brand campaign.”

To facilitate their growth plans, Byron had to recruit 220 managers over two years. Their application rates were low and only 89% of their management positions were filled. “Our employee churn was increasing and we had GM vacancies in our flagship restaurants,” Louise explained. “When the new People Director and Recruitment Manager arrived they had to act quickly and we developed an employer branding strategy that covered identifying the top 5 levers of our culture, design recruitment collateral to promote all the great elements of our culture and to develop an internal people plan to reinforce our culture and reengage our teams.”

Also as a result of focus groups, the company defined their ‘Five Byron Behaviours’: Charisma, Detail, Drive, Resilience, and Commerciality. With these behaviours in place, Byron reviewed their recruitment process and created new, structured interview scripts based what they discovered. They also re-structured the process from telephone interview, assessment through to trial.

“We reviewed our job adverts in terms of look, feel and content,” said Louise Moneypenny. “Our adverts did not sell the people and culture side of Byron that our own people felt so strongly about.” They also created new Byron adverts selling the people and fun side of the business.

Byron worked with a creative agency to create their new employer brand. This was based on USPs derived from the focus groups. These involved a better on-boarding process and improved rewards and benefits for employees. Initiatives that were put into place included hiring for behaviour as opposed to skills, a new three day induction programme, free meals for those on shift as well as 50% off for employees when dining with family and friends. Also run out across the company was a programme where the CEO of Byron made himself available to listen to staff. Every quarter, General Managers are invited for dinner with the CEO where concerns can be raised and questions are answers. Likewise for chefs within the company, The Head of Food held similar evenings. The exciting ‘Byron on the Beach’ programme has proved popular, where managers are invited on company funded trips away. Last year, 105 Byron employees went to Barcelona. Importantly, Byron wishes to protect its culture and has been working hard to encourage internal progression throughout the company.

Within the past year, Byron has opened 18 new restaurants and recruited 128 new managers with their total management headcount increasing from 89% to 104%. New and improved job advertising has seen a rise in applications, and 90-day staff turnover has fallen from 45% to 25%. In their last staff survey, 82% of those taking part stated that life had become better at the company.

On winning the award for Employer Brand Campaign, Louise Moneypenny said, “It is amazing to get recognised for the work and results that we have delivered in this area over the last 2 years. Winning this award is also a great way to promote Byron with potential new candidates.”

If you want to be recognised as one of the very best hospitality employers in the UK, get those entries for the 2017 People Awards into us now.

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