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DISHOOM shake the room at People Awards 2016

Increasingly, candidates know exactly where they want to be on their career path and they want the tools to get there. Now more than ever, a great Learning & Development package is essential in not only recruiting top talent, but retaining them too. Many L&D managers agree that training, formal or not, needs to be an on-going process, equipping and enriching your team, bringing out the best in the individual and also your brand.

To rapturous applause, Indian street food-wallahs, Dishoom, walked away with the Learning & Development award at this year’s People Awards.

“Top of the priority list for most successful businesses is the need to attract and retain the most vibrant and exciting talent available,” said Brian Trollip, Operations Director at Dishoom. “That talent is largely going to be the driving force behind the success of any business.  It’s unlikely that this talent is going to join a business which does not look to unlock their full potential by offering them exceptional support, guidance and mentorship.”

Dishoom’s L&D offering includes a rich and diverse two-year training program for each department with industry recognised qualifications, on-going food and drink training, a seven-month management training course, outreach to local charities, state-of-mind workshops, one-on-one mentorship, restaurant art walks, history tours and, for Head Chefs, GMs and long-standing employees, a week-long Bombay boot camp in India.

Brian Trollip explained, “Strong learning and development is a responsibility that all businesses should take seriously and work towards. In order for the values and culture of your business to shine through, it’s imperative that you have a strong, fulfilled team who are fully bought in and who know that they have a level of ownership with regards to future success of the business.”

Dishoom’s keyword is ‘Seva’. As defined by Dishoom, ‘Seva’ is the art of selfless service, of doing the right thing even if nobody is looking, imparting ‘big-hearted love’ and bringing out the very best in yourself and those around you. Dishoom believes that this outlook challenges their teams and constantly redefines what they do and how they do it.

Dishoom is also steeped in its culture. The mise-en-scene of each of its four restaurants is deliberate, nothing is accidental. Many individuals and companies purport to ‘love people’, but with Dishoom, one gets the feeling that there is nothing disingenuous about this claim. Everything within their restaurants is geared toward a shared sense of warmth and the best experience possible. Their Learning & Development programme completely reflects this.

Brian Trolliop commented, “L&D’s entire function is the empowerment of people.  Great L&D focuses on delivering and refining the skills an individual requires in order to get the most out of life, no matter what path their career takes.  It provides the opportunity for businesses to influence the way in which employees will approach all manner of situations and relationships as their careers develop. It’s an absolute force for good.”

As to winning the Learning & Development award, Brian and the team couldn’t be happier, “Honestly, we’re over the moon.  Dishoom has grown very organically over the past six years.  Our senior team is really small and we’ve worked exceptionally hard in order to create an unmistakeable culture around the values that mean so much to us. This award is testament to the effort and commitment of so many team members.”

For the future, Dishoom has exciting plans with a new restaurant opening in Edinburgh in November this year. Beyond that, Dishoom’s charity work is only to be praised. Brian Trollip explains, “We’ve provided well over a million meals to children who might not otherwise have been able to afford a meal throughout the previous few months, both in the UK and in India.  We will continue to provide thousands of meals to these children, every single day, through our meal for a meal charity initiative, which means that every time a guest enjoys a meal at Dishoom, we buy one for a child who may need a little support.”

We congratulate Dishoom whole-heartedly on winning the Learning & Development award at this year’s People Awards.