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Do you attract the best candidates?

Cafe Royal Hotel Room

Cafe Royal Hotel RoomAttracting the best talent out there can be encouraged by word of mouth, marketing, testimonials and more, but how can you position yourself to attract the best candidates out there?

We’ve begun one of our latest features ‘New Openings’ where we speak to companies small and large alike about their latest endeavours and how they get the right people working on there teams. When setting out to find your client the best candidates there is something to be said for the people that their brand attracts and as you know many will vary.

However when providing candidates with information about the company you may find it useful to add in any extra selling points that will enhance their brand appeal and encourage them to make the move.

The new openings section and features we provide on recruiters in the industry can be a great way to tell them more about the people they could be working with.

Take a look at some of the recent posts such as:

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Or our recent video with Hilton Hotels:

Hilton T5: how to get into hospitality

If you work with or are looking to attract extra awareness on your hospitality business then get in touch today to discuss added value opportunities available to you at