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Don’t delay! Entries close on Monday, June 25th!

Our People Awards shine a well-deserved light on your hard work and incredible breakthroughs in hospitality recruitment, development and retention.

They are the perfect way to ensure your teams get the recognition they deserve. The deadline for this year’s awards is Monday, June 25th, so enter now.

Highlighting Employer Brand

Your brand, the way you communicate will be the first thing an applicant sees. Keeping your employer brand strong takes constant work and making it a living thing can go a long way in helping candidates want to stay and grow with you. Devonshire Hotels beat strong competition to win the Employer Brand Campaign award at the 2017 People Awards.

For this category, the judges wanted initiatives that identified, developed, communicated and maintained a strong employer brand and successfully leveraged it as part of a wider recruitment strategy.

As recruiting for personality and culture increasingly becomes the norm, it’s crucial that hospitality employers understand just what this should entail. It’s important to recognise the company culture and how talent will fit and excel within it. Top employers need to discover, identify and effectively communicate their employer brand as a reflection of their values.

Out with the old….

Winning this award was a journey of self-discovery for Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants. Through people training and listening to employees, the company found themselves and who they wanted to be.

They developed punchy, concise and easy to remember principles – REACH: Responsive, Exceptional, Attentive, Competitive, Honesty & Integrity.

The company believed that if staff already have these attributes, it’s is far more important than technical experience. They felt that most people can be trained to undertake a particular task. However, it is much harder to teach someone to have a character that exudes those five qualities.

The company introduced new interactive training sessions to explain these new values to employees who have really taken the company culture to heart. Feedback scores were 8.2 out of 10 and since the introduction of REACH, staff turnover has fallen from 87% to 59.8%.

Enter now

Is your Employer Brand Campaign strong enough to win this year? Entering the 2018 People Awards is free and simple to complete online. There are 13 categories and you can enter as many you wish. Entries are welcomed from all UK hospitality employers from hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and food service providers.