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Helping The Hospitality Employers Hire Faster, Smarter & for the Long Term

Good&Co helps companies simplify the candidate screening process by determining a candidate's level of interest and their likelihood of success.

Good&Co - Samar Birwadker

Good&Co sponsor In-House Recruitment at 2018 People Awards

We are delighted to welcome Good&Co as sponsor of the In-House Recruitment category for the 2018 People Awards. Kathy Dyball, Head of Marketing for said, “We are very excited to welcome Good&Co to this year’s awards. Their innovative and ground-breaking approach to recruitment makes them the perfect match for this very special event.”

Founded in 2012 by Samar Birwadker, Good&Co was built around the idea that there are no bad employees or bad companies, just bad fit. The San Francisco tech company’s innovative apps aim to help managers and employees from every industry discover strengths and build stronger, more productive workplace relationships. Good&Co is on a mission to create happier, more productive workplaces; a solution that not only helps people but benefits the economic bottom line of companies.

Saving Time & Resources by Hiring for Culture Fit

Good&Co helps companies simplify the candidate screening process by determining a candidate’s level of interest and their likelihood of success as part of your team based on cultural fit. Their downloadable app and new enterprise product use fun, engaging personality quizzes to help job candidates discover more about themselves and identify if a company culture is right for them.

“Our tools save companies valuable time and energy by helping an employer quickly see beyond the resume to understand the candidate’s soft skills and personality match with a unique company culture,” explains Birdwadker. “In addition, this system can really boost your current team strength by adding the right talent to high-performing teams without sacrificing productivity or sabotaging chemistry.”

Hiring mistakes due to poor culture fit have huge financial and social implications. It’s demoralizing for employees and incredibly expensive for employers. The number one priority at the first stage of recruitment is hiring the right kind of individuals that will bolster effective teams and help companies thrive.

Leveraging Hard Science to Hire Smarter

Good&Co’s tools leverage the world’s largest psychometrics research database and A.I. to enable companies and managers to make better-informed hiring decisions based on hard science. By identifying organisational strengths based on quantified culture insights for more than 10,000 companies worldwide, they’ve discovered what separates a good candidate from a great teammate. They’ve done the research, so you get to spend more time growing your business and less time sifting through resumes.

Shining a Light on Best Practice

Birwadker and Good&Co are delighted to be part of this year’s People Awards and the opportunity to showcase how their business solutions can truly streamline the hiring process for hospitality employers.

“Employees expect more value from their work and the people they work with,” says Birwadker. “Clocking in and clocking out for a paycheque is no longer the norm. Employers need to adjust their practices to retain top talent and keep good people from leaving because they are not engaged by their employers.”

Birwadker knows that identifying candidates with the right set of skills and personality traits to join a team can be time-consuming work. “That’s why we’re using our science to help managers find the best candidates for specific roles without starting from scratch,” he explains. “By using our ‘Ready-Made Profile’ or ‘PerfectProfile tools offered in our latest enterprise tool, Teamwork Pro, employers can save time, money and resources by focusing on the people with the most valuable workplace traits to repeat successful hires.”

Good&Co has carried out extensive research and has come up with some strong recommendations: “Recruiters looking to expand their profit margins should focus on hiring for drive, attention to detail, positive outlook,” Birwadker said. “When it comes to hiring at senior level, as research has shown, behavioural integrity in managers is a key predictor of employee commitment and performance.”

A Night of Celebration

The People Awards 2018 applaud the bravest and best talent initiatives in hospitality across the UK. Good&Co praised the valuable impact these ceremonies make across the global industry.“The 2018 Awards are shining a light on the employers who are looking forward and not focused short-sighted solutions,” Birwadker said. “The quantification of the workforce is currently one of the least efficient in our global economy. Over the next 30 years, companies utilizing tools designed for the workplace will be successful and the rest will slowly fail. Workplaces need to evolve their values and cultures to align with the needs of the future workforce.

These awards celebrate the right kind of evolution, putting employees at the centre of best in class hiring and retention practices.”

The 2018 People Awards take place on October 1st at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge. Tables are still available, so make sure you book now. and Good&Co integrate to bring psychometric testing into your recruitment process

We’re pleased to announce that Good&Co’s agile, intuitive platform is now integrated into the Applicant Manager system to help you hire best-fit talent that delivers for your brand, by providing you with insights on candidate personality type and traits, how they like to work and how to get the most from them at interview.

It can never replace your recruitment expertise, but will boost it. Plus it’s simple and free to use.

To learn more contact us on 0333 0145 111.