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Hospitality Recruitment Up 18% in Q3 2014 – Share of salaries over £30,000 grows by 31%

According to, the UK’s largest hospitality job board, recruitment levels in hospitality have continued to grow over the past year, with 158,456 jobs advertised on the site by employers, representing 18% growth since the same time last year. Over the past three months alone 45,168 jobs were advertised, up 18% since Q2 2013.

The findings are revealed in’s latest Hospitality Employment Index report, which also indicated a 31% increase in the share of salaries advertised over £30,000. Salaries for lower skilled and entry levels roles grew, with Waiting Staff roles up 20% and Reception/Concierge roles increasing by 11%.

Commenting on the findings, Neil Pattison, Sales Director, said:

“Once again, our data reveals ongoing positive trends in the industry, with the number of jobs advertised continuing to remain strong. What’s really encouraging is the growth in share of higher salaries in this sector, and the increase in pay for entry level roles. At the same time, we’re seeing high demand for managerial staff, highlighting the need in the industry to continue to attract people into the sector and develop good talent to help us create the managers of the future.” 

The report revealed a number of key trends over the last 12 months to Q3 2014:

Managerial Roles Boom

The number of Bar Management positions advertised on increased by 65%, with Head Chef roles growing by 32% and Restaurant Management roles increasing by 28%. Assistant Manager roles remained the top advertised roles on, representing 5% of total jobs advertised.

Sales and Marketing Salaries Fall

While other salaries have increased, data disclosed that roles advertised in sales and marketing have fallen in terms of their remuneration – with salaries falling by as much as 4% 

Regional Growth

London and the South East collectively makes up for 55% of jobs advertised, but the regions are also growing, with the West and Wales experiencing 21% growth in comparison to the same time last year.

Commenting on the state of the nation for the hospitality industry, Ufi Ibrahim, CEO, British Hospitality Association, said:

“Hospitality and tourism now accounts for over 10% of the UK’s workforce and is the 4th largest employing industry in the UK, its growth significantly outpacing the rest of the economy. The BHA believes that in addition to growth generated by the hospitality industry in Q3, the sector can generate some 300,000 new jobs by 2020, as tourism remains at the heart of economic growth in the UK. Indeed, hospitality is a successful industry with even greater growth prospects offering a vast range of job opportunities for all job seekers of any age.”

The quarterly Hospitality Employment Index report from is available to download free of charge at: