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Hotels are top recruiters in 2012

Last week saw the release of the Hospitality Employment Index report for Q1 2012, from and People 1st. The report found that whilst the industry level of ads remain static, applications have increased and opportunities in the hotel sector remain at the highest level in hospitality.

Q1 highlighted that there was a 9% decrease in managerial positions, could argue that these positions are being filled by current team members. Working in a hotel can be a great way to branch into different roles and develop your skills in management & leadership  techniques, there are currently over 5,000 live jobs on at present.

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) reported the opening of 61 new properties in 2012 in the Greater London area, compared to the opening of 28 properties with 6,800 rooms in 2011. Some of the properties opened in 2011 were re-openings, including the re-branding of existing hotels. With this mass of new business there are opportunities opening up across the city in existing and new hotels.

To download the latest Hospitality Employment Index report here.

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