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HR in hospitality 2015 Awards are now open for entry!

This year there are 9 awards in total. We are looking to award HR teams and individuals within hospitality for HR Excellence in all that they do, with 3 exciting new categories to enter this year. It will be your chance to demonstrate and recognise a team or individual efforts within best people practices.

Entries will close on Tuesday 21st July 2015. Shortlist will be announced Friday 31st July 2015 and the award ceremony will be held at the Savoy on Friday 4th September.


1. Excellence in Employee Engagement (Sponsored by fourth)

This award looks for how HR has helped build business success through engaging its people. The judges will want to see what you have done to get the people bit right, how you have motivated your staff to be more productive and deliver better performance. You need to demonstrate that the values are lived and not just spoken. What do you do to get your people engaged and on-board, to deliver that great service and go that extra mile? You are asked to give an example of an employee engagement initiative in your organisation and how you have unlocked that discretionary effort from staff. Provide evidence of great leadership, exceptional levels of communication and any culture initiatives that were focused on organisation needs. Include measurement data (such as; employee engagement surveys, staff turnover, absence metrics) and show how you really understood the link between performance and engagement

2. Excellence in Building Capability (Sponsored by ZFL ltd)

To win this award we are looking for a learning and development initiative or way of operating/working that develops the talent of individuals and/or team(s) development to meet the changing or challenging needs of the business.  Outline what the challenges, changes or needs were within the business?  What were the development needs and how this gap was closed?  What impact did this activity have on the business and how did it help staff focus on key organisational objectives?  What was learned from this approach?  How does your organisation meet the needs of individuals, teams and the business on an on-going basis?  The judges will look for well-designed, innovative and well-delivered learning and development programmes.

3. HR Team of the Year (Sponsored by DLA Piper)

This award is aimed at HR teams that can demonstrate genuine strategic status and adding value within their organisations. Entries should explain the business strategy and the contribution of the HR team to meeting objectives. Judges will look at the team’s own HR strategy, how this was devised and implemented, the involvement and collaboration with other functions and what results have been achieved. Entries should explain how the team identified priorities and how HR has measured the benefits. The entry can include specific projects that you have worked on and can also demonstrate the function’s collaborative approach and ability to attract and develop excellent HR people.

NEW 4. Excellence in Innovative Recruitment (Sponsored by Core Recruitment)

To win this award we are looking for innovative recruitment solutions that prove to be efficient and effective that support the business needs. You may include more than one recruitment initiative to be considered.  This might be shown via timely lead in times, leaving little or no disruption to the business or is a cost efficient or innovative recruitment process.  The judges will be particularly interested in self-sufficient methods (i.e. the vacancy is not simply passed to a third party to source).  How does your recruitment initiative feed into your succession plan or talent pool? To support this award entry you would outline what has been learned and applied to enable a new approach to maintain this effective and efficient approach to recruitment, along with the operational considerations.

NEW 5. Excellence in Embedding Company Culture (Sponsored by DAM)

To win this award we are looking for evidence throughout the business that proves that the company values and culture is alive. What is the culture striving to achieve within the business? Who is involved with focusing on this activity? How is the whole of the workforce inspired and encouraged to live the company culture and values? How does this impact on the business results? How is this maintained?  What does the workforce and other people (evidence from front line colleagues and support function colleagues) think and feel about working in your organisation? Judges will be looking for evidence of a strong company culture that makes your organisation a great place to work, where people feel valued and motivated and you can see visible strategic benefits.

NEW 6. Excellence in CSR

To win this award we are looking for evidence that an organisation is committed to the ‘People’ aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility and they can clearly demonstrate the impact throughout the organisation. In particular we will be looking at the pillars of your CSR strategy that cover the people element of your policy. Entrants should demonstrate the role HR has played in the strategy and execution of CSR initiatives. Judges will mark highly CSR initiatives/strategies that demonstrate a clear link between corporate strategy, community benefits and societal responsibility and education. Your entry needs to demonstrate the link between the people elements and the business strategy. What impact this initiative has had on the internal/external Employer Brand? How was this initiative/practices communicated to the relevant stakeholders?

7. Excellence in Promoting Careers (Sponsored by Springboard)

To win this award we are looking for a team or individual who has built strong links in the education sector (schools, colleges or universities) or working alongside charities. They work to help change perceptions of a career in hospitality. They are constantly working to promote the industry as a ‘Great Place to Work’ and have inspired people to join hospitality. A one off event could achieve this or by building a long term partnership, and can include programmes around work experience, apprenticeships, placements, graduate programmes or Ambassadors. Judges will look for initiatives or programmes that not only encourage people into careers in hospitality but also provide additional skills and learning opportunities for their colleagues through involvement in these initiatives.


8. HR Rising Star (Sponsored by and CIPD)

We are looking for that HR Rising Star the one to watch, who will be a future HR Leader. They are on a career development path where their contribution to the HR team is really making a difference. This person may be in any role within the HR team, but you can see their potential through their skills, the way they work and the results they are achieving.  Entrants can self-nominate or be entered by their organisation, ideally they need to have worked in HR for at least 2 years but not necessarily in their current position within the team. Statements from the HR Director or other managers can be submitted in support of this entry. The winner of this award will also receive a scholarship to use towards developing their personal HR training or qualifications.

9. Tom Crowley Award (Presented by Oliver Daly)

This is a truly special award for an individual line manager who really embodies excellent people management skills within their department. The Tom Crowley Award recognises an individual line manager, in any function across the organisation, not necessarily HR, this could go to an Executive Chef, Housekeeper or Restaurant Manager. Someone who has promoted recognition in the workplace takes time to celebrate or reflect on successes with their teams and really delivers excellence in people best practise. They are that line manager that really believes in developing their team and spends time getting to know them. The judges will be looking for evidence that this person gets on and manages and develops the potential in their people. They are the line manager their people trust and will go that extra mile for. They are able to demonstrate their effectiveness through tangible results such as staff surveys, retention or other business measures. The winner of this special award will receive a beautiful handcrafted bronze statue for the year.

Enter and find out more here.