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Jobs on the go

The recent Hospitality Employer Index report produced by People1st in partnership with highlights that according to the European Dining Index from Livebookings, online restaurant booking in the UK more than doubled in the first quarter of 2012 compared to 2011. Furthermore, bookings made via mobile phones had trebled. The report also pointed out that nearly a third of restaurants in the UK do not have a website, and the authors estimate that that this could result in an approximately £31,000 revenue loss each year.

With this in mind businesses are not only losing potential business but also a route for customers and potential staff to interact with them.’s recent user profile survey showed that 46 percent of respondents have used their mobile phones to apply for jobs and 60 percent have used a tablet. Moreover, 82 percent of respondents said they will make more use of their mobile phone or tablet in the future to search for jobs. This trend will continue to grow and the use of a second screen, i.e. phone or tablet whilst watching television is becoming more and more common, especially for this age group.

Without a website or area for people to find out more about you your competitor has the upper hand. Updates, notifications and emails are now all done on the go so ensure your company profiles and available jobs are kept up to date so that you can attract the right people at the right time.  Visit now to update your profile and post your jobs.