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Leadership Collaborative – Enabling confidence and success: Part 1

Developing leadership that develops resilience, confidence and skills in hospitality people

When we think about resilience we think about strength, about flexibility and the talent to bounce back into shape, absorbing whatever comes along. The hospitality industry is, without doubt, resilient, weathering everything that 2020 has thrown at it, springing back even stronger than before.

At a time of huge cultural change, building agile, resilient and confident leaders, managers and employees now will bring benefit to the hospitality sector for years to come.

Paving a strong path forward

We invited Sandra Kelly, Director of UK Skills and Policy at People 1st international to tell us what hospitality business can do to develop the skills, confidence and resilience the sector will need to thrive in the future.

People 1st have supported businesses in the UK and internationally for over 50 years, to build, develop and retain skilled workforces. We started by asked Sandra how member businesses were coping. “We recently surveyed over 500 employers, with an average of 900 employees, and many will be making redundancies, not only in customer-facing roles but across the board.’ Sandra said. “However, there is a robust culture and energy in our sector around innovation, motivation and we’ve got strong resilient people in our industry so however bleak the situation is right now, we will see a successful rebuild over time.”

Agile, responsive and diligent

The skills needed to manage the rapidly changing workplace mean that leaders and employees are being called upon to demonstrate greater confidence, strong communication skills, resilience and even conflict resolution with empathy and persistence.

“Leaders and managers have got to be more visible and role model the new parameters, be more agile, responsive and diligent,” Sandra commented. “Firstly, they must support their people to understand and adhere to the new guidelines. The second thing leaders and managers have to consider is health and safety – it’s very different now and customers will call out businesses that don’t visible demonstrate real attention to this.”

Core skills in the future, digital, green and social

As part of a wider survey, People 1st looked at what new skills the hospitality sector will need in the future. “The core focus will be on digital, green and social skills, across every role, at every level. There is a real impetus to revisiting strategies now to make sure they include the skills hospitality will need for the future.” Sandra continued, “Any investment you make now will benefit your business over the coming years.”

“Build people-centric KPI’s that help leaders and managers to develop recruitment, retention and development skills around attitude and behaviours, that are genuine and aligned to employer brand values. The benefits to hospitality of employees who are loyal, motivated, are engaged and productive are invaluable.”

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