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Let’s Take 5

As hospitality reopens, time to pause and relax is ever more important. is the wellbeing initiative designed for the hospitality sector which launched at the beginning of lockdown and offers a free self-care toolkit to help keep your mental health in shape.

Part two of this project has now launched, right on time for the reopening of the industry.

‘Take 5’ is a set of five-minute relaxation podcasts created specifically for use in pre-service briefings and team meetings, designed to help you take five minutes to stop and relax.

This project, fully supported by, is the idea of Craig Prentice, founder of mum, the hospitality talent partner, who has designed this initiative in collaboration with marketing freelancer Peter Kerwood and features podcasts created by wellbeing coach Andrew Johnson.

Pause and relax

“It was quickly evident early on in lockdown that people were very anxious and unsettled,” Craig explained. “Everyone I spoke to was affected uniquely by what was going on and some people were finding it extremely stressful. I personally felt there was also a lot of pressure on social media for people to do things like keep fit, bake or cook or learn something which is all great, but in my head I was thinking, people need to pause and relax. I spoke to friends Peter Kerwood and Andrew Johnson and shared my idea of now pause and they were more than happy to get involved and help bring the idea to life.”

From that initial conversation, the project came together quickly. “Peter and Andrew have been incredible,” Craig said. “We quickly received amazing support from industry partners, supporters and peers and have been inundated with messages from people who are finding the podcasts helpful.”

The latest ‘Take 5’ series has been shared specifically for use by operators as the world of hospitality starts to open up again. Craig is delighted at ‘Take 5’’s popularity. “It’s great to hear of people using them in team meetings and pre-service briefings,” he said. “We have deliberately kept things super simple, I love the fact they can be used anywhere by anyone at any time.”

Reaction to Take 5 has been strong, with users giving high praise for the programme:

  • ”We have just started a staggered reopening and are taking the opportunity to include now pause throughout our business – the team love it”
  • “Our leadership team have included the relaxation and positivity podcasts on our Zoom calls for the past two weeks. Fantastic feedback from all! Keep them coming!”
  • “I shared now pause with our teams across Europe today and they love it. One person in the team has already listened to five podcasts and was heading home to use the sleep one tonight.”

You can listen to all 15 relaxation podcasts at