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Peoplebank return for People Awards 

We are absolutely delighted to welcome back Peoplebank as sponsors of the On-Boarding category.

We are absolutely delighted to welcome back Peoplebank as sponsors of the On-Boarding category at this year’s People Awards.  

Neil Pattison, Sales Director of said, “Peoplebank bring so much experience and know-how to the table, it goes without saying that we’re very excited to welcome them back to our People Awards. Their innovative and forward-thinking approach to recruitment makes them the perfect match for this very special event” 

About Peoplebank

Peoplebank began as a recruitment agency in 1991, but it wasn’t long before they felt a change was coming. “We had heard about this new-fangled technology called the internet,” said David Beveridge, Head of Operations and Sales at Peoplebank. ”We decided that online would be game changing in the recruitment and management of new staff, and guess what? We were right!” In 1994 they launched 

“We have helped hundreds of companies; big and small, and from all walks of industry see the light when it comes to the benefits and savings they can make simply by tweaking a few things here and there,” David explained. In 2007 PeopleBank became part of a new family and were welcomed with open arms into the Daxtra Technologies Group. David said, “These guys are market leaders in CV and job parsing software as well as semantic search, matching and aggregation technologies.” 

Over the past year, Peoplebank have been very busy developing new tools to help employers to recruit smarter. “We have found one of the main challenges in the hospitality industry to be around the Interviewing piece,” said David, “particularly relating to the scheduling of interviews. This is a real issue as candidates and recruiters alike often aren’t able book and confirm real time interviews. This results in a huge 58% of interviews having to be cancelled or rescheduled for either candidate or hiring manger. This in turn has a massively detrimental effect to the businesses on their time to hire.” 

The new Peoplebank interview scheduler module

As an award winning ATS, Peoplebank has recently completely overhauled and redesigned their Interview Scheduling & Management module to address this issue.  Steve Richards, Peoplebank’s Group Product Development Manager has been instrumental in this project “We have created a unique solution to this problem,” Steve said. “We’re now offering real time interviewing & calendar acceptances, and the resultant synchronisation at both client and candidate end through our awesome new Interview Scheduler Module.” 

The new Peoplebank interview scheduler module allows clients the ability to connect their own online calendar directly to the Peoplebank ATS. Recruiters can now send out interview invites to candidates that will not, and cannot conflict with anything else that is already booked in the recruiters calendar. 

“This will really reduce the amount of interviews that have to be re-scheduled,” explained Steve. “It will enable users of Peoplebank with the capability to connect their calendars directly to the ATS.  We envisage that Time to Hire will also be massively reduced, which will be a huge win for our clients.  Real-time calendar sync is crucial to ensuring it fits seamlessly into both users and candidates busy lives.” 

Why Peoplebank are excited about the 2018 People Awards

There’s less than a month to go before the 2018 People Awards and the gang at Peoplebank are getting excited. “This will be our 2nd year attending the People Awards, and our 2nd year sponsoring the onboarding category,” David said. “ is the job board of choice in the hospitality industry, so when the opportunity came back around this year to sponsor again we knew we had to do it.

The People Awards is the place to be when it comes to recognising the great work that our colleagues in the hospitality industry have done this year.  It also allows Peoplebank to network with like-minded individuals, and of course to have a good night out! Win win!” 

The 2018 People Awards takes place at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge on 1st October 2018.

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