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Pop-Up People

Pop-ups have been a huge trend for 2012, whether it be the likes of The Electrolux Cube, Noma at Claridge’s, Pittcue or Pret a Diner there has been an abundance of them, from the top of the spectrum to everyday eats. Wahacha also delivered a superb and innovative pop-up on the Southbank this summer, setting their sights high with 8 shipping containers modified to create an interlinked open space on 2 levels including panoramic windows.

These pop-ups allow customers to try out new experiences whether it be the chef, the location or the type of food and these operations need people behind them that are geared up to provide the optimal experience. With only a short period of time opening, whether it be a day, week, month or season they must maximise footfall and bookings and have the right people to deliver the pop-up.

The pop-up concepts are likely to continue as a trend for 2013 as it also allows businesses with units to trial locations before committing to a lease and generates good brand affinity and buzz. Just ensure that you have the right operations team and high quality chefs and front of house teams to deliver the experience.  Look at their previous experiences in the industry and plan ahead for your projects in 2013 and get the best people in place by using