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Recruiting in hospitality podcast: Older Workers

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Join host Lancelot Narayan for another fascination discussion in a new episode of Recruiting in Hospitality. In this edition, we continue our Entry Level Talent conversation and talk about the employment of older workers. We talk about benefits of hiring older workers, misconceptions around hiring. We take a look at case studies that show success in this area and we try to understand how employers can directly take action to hire older workers.

Joining Lance are:

  • Patrick Thomson – Senior Programme Manager for Work at the Centre for Ageing Better
  • Yasmin Boromand – Global Director, People and Organisational Development
  • Alan Rose – Senior Consultant, 26 Recruitment
  • Colin Campbell – Concierge, Ness Walk Hotel

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To support employers and employees in creating more effective working environments, we used evidence from The Centre for Ageing Better to create a toolkit to help you create an age-friendly hospitality workplace. Download your FREE guide here. 

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