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Restaurants engage with emerging talent

The latest Hospitality Employer Index report for Quarter two of 2012 from and People 1st has been released and holds the industry high in respect of other service industries.  The report also focuses on restaurants and they are clearly setting the pace for expansion and attracting talent.

Generation Y (18-34 year olds) are said to be leading the way in restaurant usage and eat out twice as often as 35-54 year olds and three times as often as those aged 55 and over.  Likely to be due to this group having the most disposable income with less mortgage ties or living at home and having a more carefree approach to what they spend their money on.

The use of online media has also transformed the way that hospitality can communicate with this audience and restaurants have been quick off the mark to engage this group.   They have adapted quickly and other brands are engulfing the opportunity of social media, apps and mobile sites that engage with their market on the move. Restaurant brand Giraffe are well known for their Twitter feed as are many smaller and independent businesses.

The opportunity for businesses of all sizes to develop this area is huge and building a relationship with their target market and responding at a suitable pace will hold the attention of this generation and attract new talent. Generation Y are using mobile on the go and 46% use their phones to apply for jobs and 60% use a tablet, yet an almighty third of restaurants do not even have a website.

Now is the time to develop your online communications, showcase what opportunities are available in your operation and build brand awareness to attract this emerging talent to work in your business. After all the industry is slowly becoming a more appealing place to work and the report highlights this well:

Source:, User Profile Survey 2012

Download your free copy of the Q2 Hospitality Employer Index at: The report also provides predictions of trends businesses should be aware of if they are to enhance their overall operations.