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Finding job solutions for our hospitality people

Short term non-hospitality jobs for hospitality people

Amazon, Lidl, Superdrug, CareUK and more are looking for new hires, now, through

With so many of hospitality workers now out of work or on furlough, have partnered with UKHospitality and Hospitality Action to launch a new industry initiative  to help thousands of hospitality workers into short term employment in other sectors, until hospitality opens its doors again and can welcome them back.

How the new Hospitality Redeployment Hub works

Hospitality recruitment has taken a pause whilst other sectors are crying out for people to keep the country moving. is uniquely placed to connect thousands of hospitality candidates with suitable roles through our partnership with totaljobs, by repurposing our site. This is a large scale solution to a large scale challenge and we are delighted to be able to help in this way at no additional cost to any employers or jobseekers.

Over 26,000 non-hospitality jobs are live and visible on, and the number is increasing daily with roles in retail, care, delivery, warehouses, customer service and more. The jobs have been selected based on their match to the valuable transferable skills that hospitality workers offer.

Speaking about the new industry jobs hub Neil Pattison, Sales Director of said,

“All hospitality employees in the UK can directly tap into this free service to search and apply for thousands of roles in sectors such as retail, distribution and care. The hospitality sector is resilient, as are its people. When the industry thrives again, along with its partners will help welcome these candidates back to hospitality.”

Hospitality skills are transferable

The hospitality sector is renowned for the level of training and skills that are invested in its people throughout their careers.  These transferable skills are needed by other sectors right now.

Not every chef could imagine working as a retail assistant or warehouse operative, but transferable skills mean that many will find new short-term employment in sectors they’ve never worked in – and they will thrive.

Hotel managers have skills that will make them ideal candidates for customer service and retail roles.  What is management if not ‘selling’ your ideas to your team?

Housekeeping teams know all about detail, they create the perfect environment for guests every day – now they could bring that focus to roles in the care sector or the NHS.

These are short term, essential solutions to meet employer and jobseeker need. When the crisis lifts we will enable these same jobseekers to return to jobs in the hospitality sector.

Leading Industry Brands

The new Hospitality Redeployment Hub features jobs with well-known employers such as Amazon, Lidl, Hermes, CareUK and Superdrug. These employers are keen to attract new hires with transferable skills such as those hospitality candidates are famous for. These people will help employers continue their vital work during the crisis.

Kate Nichols, CEO of UK Hospitality commented “the scale of the crisis we are facing is unprecedented, so hospitality businesses have had to make the incredibly difficult decision to lay key team members off.  We want to give our fantastic workforce all the support we can to help them through this difficult period.”

“This initiative will help people find work in other sectors also feeling the strain until the hospitality sector is in a position to pick up the pieces and bring their hard-working teams back together.”

Keeping the UK working

The UK needs hospitality workers to help keep the country moving, ensure essential deliveries and supplies get through, and help those who are less able to receive the care they need during CV19.

Reflecting on this Mark Lewis, CEO of Hospitality Action comments: “We’re delighted to be standing shoulder to shoulder with and UKHospitality as they rally together to provide employment opportunities to many thousands of hospitality’s most vulnerable people.  Employers can look forward to welcoming an army of highly trained, motivated, passionate and professional hospitality people to their ranks.”

Despite the severity of the current situation, the hospitality sector will return to operation in time. The doors will be open again and when they do, the industry will call on its loyal people.  People with the skills to lift the industry, to welcome guests and customers back, to cook great meals and pull good pints.  These are the people who we will actively welcome back to the hospitality sector. These are the same people who, through this new industry jobs hub, will find work at a difficult time and who deserve our support, now more than ever.

We encourage you to share the link to the new hub with your employees and peers, to spread the word, and help as many people as possible.

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