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Best Employers in Hospitality 2012

Shouting about what you do and highlighting what you’re best at can be challenging at times whether as an individual or a business. But if you don’t speak up and tell everyone how good you are no one will find out about these ‘golden nuggets’ and be drawn into finding out more about you?


Think of it this way; if you you were joining a dating site you would have the best picture, 100% profile, what you like and information about you – only the best bits!   As a business ask yourself if you do the same, do you highlight the best opportunities out there, shout about awards and what you’re working on?


If not then you could be missing a trick in getting the right view about your business and attracting the best talent.  Last week marked the awards of The Best Employers in Hospitality 2012 , over 350 employers from the industry attended and it was a chance for those that entered to showcase their talents as employers and recruiters.  Not only do these awards recognise those within the business but they also promote those that are shortlisted or win. A badge or award on your website or marketing collateral can make you stand out from the crowd and attract the right people for your business, both internally and externally.


BEH 2012 Mya Lacarte Winners 2012Best Employers in Hospitality 2012

The awards are held annually so start planning ahead for next years Best Employers in Hospitality 2013 and stand out from the crowd. Or if you are based in Scotland you can still apply here.  Seek out opportunities that highlight your ‘best bits’ and become known for what you’re best at – be sure that your competitors will.


The full list of the top 50 Best Employers in Hospitality England and Wales 2012 and the top 10 Recruitment Consultancy Employers can be found on the website.


Think about what you do best and how you can showcase that talent to attract the best possible candidates. For more advice or to create a tailor-made campaign visit today.