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The Christmas Conundrum

Every year we all think about getting the right amount of staff in for the peaks and troughs that the run up to Christmas brings. With the inevitable Christmas parties kicking off in the next couple of weeks, businesses will be gearing up to deliver what should be the biggest contribution to their bottom line this year.

Getting the right level of staff in is always tricky, either you, overstaff and send people home or are rushing around and deliver a bad experience and your customers who won’t come back. To beat the yearly conundrum here are our top recruiter tips for the Christmas rush:

  1. Look back at your last two years sales (if available) and use the 8 week trading period as a guide to manage your rota. (Take the snowfall into account, which would have had an impact on footfall).
  2. Speak to any team members that were with you last year about any unexpected rushes or quiet periods.
  3. Communicate with your team – give them a draft rota and get them scheduled in for hard to cover shifts such as Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and the New Year period.
  4. Offer peak shifts – ie 3 hour slots that some team members will work to generate more hours and tips.
  5. Recruit a Christmas host to welcome, seat and say goodbye to guests, this will allow them to manage the capacity of each section.
  6. Give any new recruits the right level of training – keep their sections simple and allow them to deliver the best they can in one area.

Please feel free to share your tips from running previous operations and recruiting over the Christmas period as we would love to hear them. If you require additional staff over the Christmas period then get recruiting now on