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The importance of networking

Networking with like-minded people in the industry can be a fun way to meet new friends and discuss day to day business. After all we all know how hard it is to get a work/life balance with the sometimes unsociable hours that occur at peak times in the industry.

It’s important to get the balance right and meet new people, which is why we teamed up with HotCat UK back in 2010 to bring what they do best to the table. Monthly events are held in some of London’s most desirable venues, as well as regular events in Oxford and Scotland.

Ben McEwen, Director of HotCat UK said:

“Networking has really become the buzz word of recent times and these days with the prevalence of social media there is a far greater emphasis on personal networks than ever before. hotcatUK is the professional network for the hospitality industry; we aim to help our members who come from all sectors of the industry to come together, share best practice and gain mutual benefit from networking. On a personal level I always enjoy meeting new people through networking and  I’ve enjoyed a variety of opportunities and introductions which would have not been there otherwise. Quite simply my advice is just do it, you really never know who you’re going to meet!”

HotCat UK is the perfect way to meet and stay in touch with people and keep up to date with some great opportunities for careers, events and having fun. With over 4,000 people on the network they’ll be something or someone of interest.

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