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The Right People at the Right Time

Much can be said for the location of your business attracting customers and in turn the best team members. For instance, if you’re a destination pub/restaurant or hotel that may not have local attractions to drive foot fall it can be tough to get the right people in the door. It has even been a tough trawl with the Olympics in London and it will be interesting to see what the British Hospitality Association have to say about how businesses faired across the country throughout.

This has been no different with the Olympics and so far the industry is only reporting of a ‘Gold Rush’ in the East of London where the Olympic Park is situated. However the West End and City have seen a completely different story and top restaurants have been unable to attract the tourists.  Mainly due to the fact that a majority of these businesses rely on the British trade that keeps them busy all year round.

A spokesperson for the London Chamber of Commerce said: “It’s understandable some people are staying out of the city at the moment. Transport for London and Locog did a good job of making people aware – maybe too good a job.”

The summer is renowned for an increase in business and in turn recruiting more to deliver. However with the impact of the Olympics and the bad weather it could now be the legacy and the late summer that really pull hospitality and tourism through to the other side.

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