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Time is ticking…says Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of the British Hospitality Association…the time for action is now

May 7th 2015 may seem a long way off but the reality is this; in campaigning and lobbying terms, the countdown has begun towards the next general election.  By the time of our Hospitality & Tourism Summit in June 2014, each of the key political parties be making the finishing touches to their manifesto.

Hospitality and tourism was not featured in any of the manifestos at the last general election.  Now, though, we have a shot at inclusion.

Thanks to key BHA-led initiatives like the Olympics and led by the BHA, key initiatives such as the Olympics and the Big Hospitality Conversation – an initiative which demonstrates our industry’s passion and commitment for helping to tackle youth unemployment across every region of the UK and firmly setting our industry on the UK plc’s agenda for growth – our political capital has never been higher.

Our mission is to ensure that the UK hospitality and tourism industry receives recognition as best in the world.  To help us achieve this it is vital that we continue to focus on recruiting and growing the best talent, capitalising and building on the successes of the Big Hospitality Conversation.

Over the past three years our industry profile has grown thanks to the efforts of the industry. 2014, too, has got off to a fast pace.  Despite all this, the hospitality and tourism industry now have just four short months to make a significant impact.

First and foremost we need to work as one; pooling our expertise, resources and ideas to future-proof our industry.  Embracing and capitalising on innovation and technology will support this mission and the young people who form the backbone of our industry will be key to this process.

Over the coming months our mission will and must be to make our goals a reality.  We have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to make our voice heard.  We must take action now…

  • Inspire the next generation:  join the Big Hospitality Conversation, the biggest job creation drive the industry has ever known – and work with us to achieve the ambitious target of creating 300,000 new jobs by 2020
  • Continue to work collectively and as one voice:  one fine example of action-in-progress is the Campaign for Tourism.  This industry-led and politically-motivated campaign aims to ensure tourism is positively referenced in the campaign manifestos of all three political parties for the general election.  The Campaign for Tourism is supported by many of the 250,000 tourism businesses across the UK, with the BHA at the forefront.  If you haven’t already, sign up now!
  • Adopt your MP:  lobby your local MP; encourage them to find out more about our industry by spending a day with you and your workforce

Time is ticking and the time for action is now.  This is a key moment for the hospitality and tourism industry.  By working collectively and making our collective voice heard, we have the opportunity to make a difference not only for now, but for future generations