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UK households set to spend £960 each on UK breaks – if the pubs and restaurants are open!

After months of lockdown, it’s time to think about booking that holiday and the UK is the destination of choice.

With hotels, pubs and restaurants set to reopen soon, research by has highlighted that people are ready to ‘take a break’ from their homes and book a holiday. The great news is that not only are 41% of those surveyed keen to book a staycation as soon as they can, people have also been saving money towards their much-anticipated holidays.

Over half (58%) of people surveyed said that they have saved money during lockdown and 36% plan to put some of this towards holidaying at home. The average UK household is set to spend £960.

Restaurants, pubs and bars must be open too

The survey of 2,001 UK representative adults suggests that whilst people are keen to salvage their holidays and are willing to spend the money to do so, they are also mindful of which amenities and hospitality businesses will be open for them to enjoy during their time away. Over half (53%) say they would not book a staycation unless restaurants, pubs and bars were open in the area.

Neil Pattison, Director at, said: “It’s really welcome news that the government has confirmed the reopening of hospitality businesses from July 4th, alongside a reduction in social distancing to 1m in time for the crucial summer season. Our research shows that the demand that clearly exists for summer staycations will hopefully give the sector a much-needed boost.

Top staycation hotspots post lockdown

The survey findings show that in the current climate 38% of people will be looking for more secluded locations such as the Scottish Highlands (14%).

The most popular locations include Cornwall (16%) and the Lake District (14%), as well as old favourites Blackpool (6%) and Bournemouth (6%), which can all expect an increase in visitors in the coming months.

  • Cornwall (16%)
  • Lake District (14%)
  • Scottish Highlands (14%)
  • London (14%)
  • Wales (13%)
  • Devon (12%)

Responding to consumer needs

As hospitality businesses around the UK strive to recover from forced closures, they are also working hard to respond to changing customer preferences by training up staff and adapting offerings.

In an effort to help the domestic tourism and hospitality industries that have missed out on the May bank holidays this year, reports suggest the government is considering introducing an extra day of holiday in October. The research suggests that over half (52%) of the UK are in favour of this, with a further 39% say if it is to go ahead, they will likely plan a staycation for the long weekend.

Welcome back to hospitality

Neil commented, “The industry has been adapting rapidly to not only comply with government regulations but also align with changing customer expectations and needs. Our research demonstrates just how valuable hospitality businesses are to consumers, with the majority of people saying that their decision on whether to book a staycation relies heavily on restaurants, pubs and bars being open. The industry is looking forward to welcoming back loyal customers to help kickstart the economy.”

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