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We welcome back Peoplebank to the 2019 People Awards

We’re delighted to welcome PeopleBank back for the 2019 People Awards, as sponsors of Candidate Experience category People Awards 2019 Sponsor - PeopleBank

“Good candidate experience is a vital part of the recruitment process. In a competitive job market, it’s increasingly important to attract quality candidates and ensure that they remain engaged throughout the process.” – David Beveridge, Head of Operations and Sales, PeopleBank.

We’re delighted to welcome PeopleBank back for the 2019 People Awards, as sponsors of Candidate Experience category. “We really value our partnership with,” said David Beveridge. “It’s an organisation that contributes so much to the hospitality industry, so we’re delighted to be able to align our values with these prestigious Awards. We work with many clients in the hospitality sector, so the People Awards are a great opportunity to network with clients and see them rewarded for their amazing work. Plus we always have a great time at the Awards, the food and drink is awesome!”

Since last year’s awards, PeopleBank has been very busy. “We’ve been rolling out a major system upgrade with most of our clients now on the new system,” David explained. “There are new features including interview scheduling, candidate shortlisting and comparison modules. The system also has a brand new interface, making it even more user-friendly, as well as dashboards showing at-a-glance stats.”

PeopleBank has signed some impressive new clients recently, such as SEAO Talent Partners, City Pub Group, The Ned, Open House London, Theobalds Estate and Leon. “The team’s been busy onboarding and training them up on the new Peoplebank ATS,” David said.

With all this activity, Peoplebank needed to expand their team. It has made several new hires including Andrew McDougall and Jamie McLaren in Account Management and Naomi Trevor, Marcin Wilinski, Hemangi Wadkar and Andrew McLaughlan in Development.

Right now, Peoplebank has several exciting projects in development. “We’re integrating our parent company’s market-leading parsing and automation technology, DaXtra Capture,” David said. “This automatically de-duplicates and loads candidate data into the ATS in seconds from all monitored sources of incoming CVs which is a huge time saving for recruiters.”

Peoplebank is also integrating DaXtra Search – a powerful and intelligent search and match solution. “This quickly finds the most relevant candidates for your available jobs using natural language search technology. It intelligently filters candidates, displaying results ranked by relevance of skills and experience,” said David.

The company is also building on the popularity of their new interview scheduler which includes more functionality for organising assessment centres, based on requests from clients in the hospitality sector.

“We’re always looking to make it as easy as possible for users to look after every part of the recruitment process from one place – our ATS,” David explained. “This development work includes adding new job boards, collaborating with our partners to improve current integrations and API enhancements to further develop key areas such as MI and reporting.” Peoplebank is also continuing to work on the one-click applications that will be sent instantly to their ATS.

Peoplebank fully understands the importance of the best experience for candidates.

“If candidates have a negative application experience with your company, it’s highly likely that they won’t apply there again and that they might also tell other people not to work there. It’s now even easier for them to share that, not only with close friends and family, but also across social media and online forums. Also, for many companies, their candidates are also their customers. If they have a negative experience, they’re more likely to take their business elsewhere and advise others to do the same,” David said.

David went to explain that on the flipside, if candidates have a great application experience, whether or not they’ve ended up being hired, they’re likely to advise others to apply. “They’re also more likely to look favourably on the brand and purchase from them in future,” he said.

Peoplebank feels it’s crucial to ensure that the experience at every candidate touchpoint is aligned with your brand and company values.

The benefits of good candidate experience don’t stop there. “You’ll see reduced cost and time to hire, since your application processes will be user-friendly and your communication will ensure candidates quickly understand your brand ethos and value proposition,” David continued. “Your onboarding and retention rates should also be higher, since candidates will start off highly engaged and you’ll be able to build loyalty. These employees will potentially recommend others in their network to join your company, leading to increased savings in the time and cost of future talent acquisition,” he said.

Like everybody at, Peoplebank is very excited to back for the 2019 People Awards.

David agrees that our People Awards are a crucial part of the hospitality calendar and rewarding best practice benefits the whole industry. “Hospitality is such an important industry, with many employees very visible in servicing the public every single day. None of this would be possible though without the HR and Recruitment teams in these organisations, whose work might be less visible to the public but is vitally important. The 2019 People Awards are a great way to reward those teams for their innovative talent initiatives and industry-leading work in making the hospitality industry function.”

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The 2019 People Awards take place on September 20th at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge. Tickets are selling very fast, so book now at

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